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The Curvy & Confident Coaching Club

  • Are you tired of putting off living because you're feeling fat, frustrated and wishing you could find your fierceness again?

Maybe you've been looking in the wrong place.

It doesn't necessarily come from having a smaller body. It comes from thinking bigger about yourself.

All too often we fall into patterns of tolerating people and situations in our life that threaten to rob our joy, shatter our spirit or at the very least bug and annoy us.

Whether it's a crumbling marriage, a leaky faucet, an illness, a toxic relationship, a disorganized closet, the sting of betrayal, a job we hate or a friendship we've outgrown, settling for that half empty feeling inside sends a message to your brain that you are not worthy or capable of having more. Thinking that's okay can feed into a negative self image.

Making excuses, complaining and talking about what's upsetting or hurting you and why it's out of your hands feeds feelings of powerlessness. And if you're an emotional eater, that's when food will start shouting your name and you won't be able to stop eating no matter what.

To break free of the guilt and gorge cycle, you've got to take your focus off of food and place your attention on how you feel and what you want.

Let's face it--the only constant in life is change. To be happier with yourself at any size, shape and age, you've got to bust out of your body shame so that you can show up more powerfully in your life.

It’s an uphill battle trying to lose weight keeping yourself focused on all your flaws. It's a precious waste of time and it will never work. It's like heading east looking for a sunset.

If you want to begin the process of getting happier and healthier from the inside out, so that you’ll melt your own resistance, feel more comfortable eating less and wanting to exercise more effortlessly, then you’ll have to deal with the stress that’s pushing your hunger buttons. Because it’s not what you’re eating that’s the problem. It’s what’s eating you!

Join me, Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman. I'm a curvy 'n confident coach and body image/self esteem expert.

As the author of the books, Bust Out of Body Shame and Lovin' the Skin You're In: The Juicy Woman's Guide to Making Peace with Food and Friends with Your Body, I'll share my experience as a survivor on the path to recovery from decades of my own emotional eating and hating my body. I'm eager to teach you everything I know about:

  • the importance of changing your story
  • the mind/body connection that could be keeping you fat!
  • how and why you must set boundaries with others to ease the need to feed
  • taming your body bashing ways
  • how to change your negative self talk
  • minding your mouth and watching your tongue
  • how to create curvy confidence when it feels like your self esteem is in shards
  • becoming your own best friend
  • non diet weight control
  • spicing up your relationships
  • breaking free of procrastination
  • moving from gloomy to glorious at the speed of thought
  • ending food fear
  • breaking free of the guilt and gorge closet eating cycle

and most of all how you, too can come to grips with your hips and end the sighs over your size. 

My philosophy is that in order for you to end the war on food, break free of your emotional eating, learn how to trust yourself around temptation and call a truce with your body, you have to learn how to accept your "before" body, before you can ever love your "after" body.

By gaining tools to increase your level of self acceptance, re-learning how to trust yourself and listen to your inner guidance, you can makeover your old fat and ugly self image, increase your level of self-esteem and that will eliminate the resistance to releasing weight naturally. As you feel better about yourself, you won't seek out food for comfort and it will lose it's emotional tug on you. Imagine feeling safe enough around temptation and feeling comfortable and at ease being surrounded by and have the freedom to eat the foods you love and not feeling compelled to eat them until they're all gone.

As a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I'm a communications expert with a real flair for coaching, storytelling and keeping it real. 

The Curvy & Confident Coaching Club is a fun, exciting, interactive opportunity for you, to come and play with me in my juicy sandbox and get a chance to speak with me live. Come pick my brain and learn from me. Let my goofs be your gain.

Are you Really Hungry Again?

On future calls, you’ll find out how you can get back in touch with your hunger, and rediscover your satisfaction switch to stop eating before you get too full.

Imagine how fabulous you would feel if you were able to actually pass up that plate of brownies when you’re not hungry, without ever feeling deprived? Learn the techniques you need to know to feel safe around any food and how to avoid falling into the traps of mindless eating and food obsession.

Learn how to avoid getting triggered by tempting pictures of goodies, delightful aromas, seeing food everywhere you look and watching people eating in front of you. Join me and you’ll get a chance to practice and play to discover natural non diet weight control methods that enable you to resist temptation, say, "No" to food easily and effortlessly when you're not hungry and how to enjoy eating eating anything you want, guilt free by listening to and honoring your body's physical hunger.

It’s a 60-minute, soup to nuts, content-rich group coaching support call where YOU determine the topics to be discussed based on the questions you want to ask me.  The group also includes a private interactive Facebook page just for the group, which includes weekly modules, audios, videos, articles, downloadable bonuses and a private forum.  In addition to all the powerful content you will receive, I will have weekly questions that you can answer and I will respond to on your private page to aid you in your journey to lovin' the skin you're in.

As a gal who knows what it’s like to struggle with food and weight obsession, I am dedicated to doing everything I can to support you to overcome your food and body image challenges. I’m eager to teach you many of the wonderful things I’ve learned on the road to my recovery that I’ve shared in my book, in my classes and on my forums.

Make sure you bring along a pen and paper, because you can rest assured that there will tons of great insights, Ahas and information floating ‘round and I’ll bet you'll want to squeeze every ever lovin' drop of goodness out of each call, because they'll all be jammed tight, filled to the brim and packed to the rafters with thought-provoking questions asked by gals wanting to get off the diet merry go 'round and feel safe around food just like you.

Come on and join me as I lead you through a perception revolution, and guide you step by step to embrace your curvy self and love the skin you're in!

If you have any questions you can email my Assistant at

Weekly calls will be starting on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 from 8pm-9pm (Eastern) 

Next Call:

Change Your Story

Do you realize that every day you're telling yourself a story about what you can and can't do, be or have? But did you know that story has a direct affect on what you eat, how much, how often, how you feel about your body and every other aspect of your life? It does.

Everybody has voices of doubt and fear and at least one little inner critic always willing to drag you through the mud and rain on our parade. Learn how you can use a simple stress relief method called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT to reclaim your power from that nasty inner critic to tame your inner critic and feel great about yourself no matter what!


Please note: Memberships are set up as recurring payments and you will be billed on the same date each month, according to the date you first join the program. To cancel at any time contact my Assistant Maria Elena at


Support Circle Basic Membership - $97/month, you will get to join in on 4 live phone calls, and receive access to all recordings + access to private interactive FB discussion group and get a complimentary download of her eBook, "Lovin' the Skin You're In: The Juicy Woman's Guide to Making Peace with Food and Friends with Your Body"

Support Circle Google+ Hangout Membership - $197/month, you can participate in 4 online web video Hangouts, access to all 4 video recordings, and join in the private FB discussion group + 1 (15 minute) laser coaching strategy session a month + mp3 download of her CD "Relax: The Juicy Woman's Guide to Finding Balance with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques®)" and get a complimentary download of her eBook, "Lovin' the Skin You're In: The Juicy Woman's Guide to Making Peace with Food and Friends with Your Body"

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